September 20, 2021

Types Of Online Casino Bonuses

One of the perks of playing casino games online is the bonuses and promotion offers that players receive for choosing a platform for gaming. No brick-and-mortar casino would offer bonuses to the players who visit the casinos. However, online casinos have the chance to attract an international audience that is exploring the internet to entertain themselves. Hence, every online casino uses bonuses and promotional offers to attract more players to their platforms. There are hundreds of online casino platforms today where you can join the games to win valuable cash rewards. Whenever you join a platform, you will come across a bunch of bonuses they offer. Here are the types of bonuses you will find on the online casino platforms.

Welcome bonus

Online casinos like to provide bonuses to every new member that join the platform. Whenever you make a deposit on the platform, you will get a percentage of bonus on your deposit. In other words, you will get double the money you put on the platform at the least. Some casinos may even offer a 500% bonus on your first deposit, but it is not common.

Welcome bonus

No deposit bonus

Some casinos go a step further with a no deposit bonus to every new member on their platform. This way, the players can try out a new casino without risking any of their own money. However, no deposit bonus will still require you to enter your credit card and personal details. Once you complete the verification, you can claim your bonus, which will have its wagering requirements. The wagering requirements are also to prevent the bonus hunters from taking away the money from the casinos without playing any games.

Deposit bonus

Another common type of bonus you can find in most major casino platforms is the deposit bonus that you can claim with every deposit. It can be a cashback or an added bonus that will directly be added to your account when you deposit money into the platform. Deposit bonuses can be claimed multiple times, making them profitable while playing games like poker and blackjack.

Deposit bonus

Free spins

Free spins are also a type of bonus that does not reward you with cash but offers you chances to try out real money games for free. You can get free spins from 10-200, depending on which platform you find. You can use these free spins on a single game to win real money or explore a range of slot machines to find out which ones are your favourites.


Multipliers are the in-game bonuses that you can find in slot machines. Multipliers can increase the rewards you receive if you trigger certain wilds in the games. Some of the most popular slot machines have multipliers that can reward you with millions at a bet of $100. These multipliers can increase your rewards if you win at a slot machine.

Casino Bonuses
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