Wagering Requirements

September 23, 2021

What Are The Wagering Requirements?

Online casinos today are a sensation among gamers who were missing their favourite casino games during the lockdowns. If you have played on any online casino platform for even a day, you may already know about the bonuses and the wagering requirements. There is a range of options that you can choose from while exploring online casinos and the games in them. It is important that you learn about the wagering requirements that the casinos want you to fulfil. It will help you find better opportunities while exploring the games on the internet.

What are wagering requirements?

When you claim a bonus with a wagering requirement, you cannot withdraw the money right away. The wagering requirements mean that the player must wager the bonus amount a number of times before withdrawing any money. These wagering requirements can also dictate the number of deposits made by the user.

The casinos keep the wagering requirements to prevent players from escaping just after getting the deposit bonus. Otherwise, it would be easy for anyone to register with a new account every time to claim their bonus and withdraw the money right away. Any casino would be the opposite of genius to come up with such a bonus feature. You can walk away with the bonus while the casinos get nothing in return. With the help of wagering requirements, the casinos hold you back till you spend your bonus cash on the games before you withdraw any amount.

Wagering Requirements

Importance of checking the wagering requirements

While some casinos are quite generous to keep low wagering requirements, others want the players to spend quite a long time before withdrawing the rewards. That is why you must keep an eye on the wagering requirements while looking for a casino. If you win big on your first attempt but your wagering requirements expect you to play more, you cannot withdraw your rewards yet. Most casinos reveal their wagering requirements and let you track how long you have to play before you can make a withdrawal. If you are unsure about the wagering requirements of a casino, you can contact the customer support of the platform.

How to reduce wagering requirements?

You will find that most casinos ask for a number of turns played or a specific amount of deposit made to complete the wagering requirements. For example, when you claim a deposit bonus of $100 with wagering requirements 20x the total bonus, you will have to pay $100 for 20 times in total before you can process a withdrawal. Some casinos may have up to 40x of total wagering requirements.

If you want to lower your wagering requirements, you need to pick the games that can count best towards the abovementioned requirements. Slot machines and video poker are your best picks to complete the wagering requirements quickly. You can also find some online casinos that offer bonuses without any wagering requirements. Even though they give out a small sum of cash, you can still make profits by playing at these platforms.

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