September 21, 2021

Unwritten Rules Of Poker

Poker is a game of discipline and skills. It requires a player to be a sportsman who can create a healthy gaming atmosphere for themselves and others. While there are no strict rules in poker apart from the general hand hierarchy, some poker etiquettes will not go unseen by pros if you know them. These etiquettes will bring you respect at the table and also improve your poker skills as a whole. Here are the unwritten rules of poker that you should know.

Be swift

It is okay to take your time during the game, but doing it unnecessarily is not considered a sportsman behaviour in poker. Avoid the Hollywood-like suspense when you need to make a move and be swift. Poker players like more genuine players who are serious about the game than dramatic players.

Pay attention

Always pay attention to the game when you are in. If you are busy with your phone or talking to the waitresses, other players can get frustrated waiting for you to play your hand. Know when it is your turn and pay close attention to the dealer’s calls.


Act in turn

Always know when it is your turn to play and act in your turn time to prevent getting blamed for angle shooting. Do not rush if the player before you has not played their turn yet. Playing out of your turn in repeat can get you accused of angle shooting, making you lose respect.

Pay respect

Always respect everyone that is around you while you are playing poker, including the dealer, other players, spectators, and waitresses. Maintain a positive atmosphere around you so you can naturally have a good time. Do not be rude or mean to anyone when you are losing or winning.

Pay respect

Accept the loss

Learn to appreciate other players when they win against you. Just like you celebrate your wins, you should be able to take your losses like a gracious player. Do not go on to berate other players and dealers when you lose. Do not slam the table or throw your cards at the dealer.

Act with clarity

Always make your decisions clear when you are about to act. If you leave a doubt in your head, it can give out tells to other players. When you are in doubt, declare your move before you do it so you can buy some extra time. Learn the etiquette for betting, raising, and folding your cards.

Tip the dealer

Tip the dealer

Learn to tip the dealer every now and then, especially when you win the pot. It is a nice gesture towards the dealers who earn minimum wages to provide quality time to you and other players throughout the day. Also, when you tip the waitresses, you will have more free drinks coming towards you.

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