Fibonacci Betting

September 10, 2021

All About Fibonacci Betting System

Increasing your stakes following a losing wager is the meaning of the Fibonacci system, which has a negative progression betting system. This theory helps you by taking higher stakes on winning bets than you were presently on losing wagers. For all negative progression systems, this principle is applied.

Why Fibonacci?

Fibonacci is chosen more than other simple, simpler systems, but this is a system that is not entirely complicated. Few rules on how to adjust your stakes are all you need to learn. One needs to be aware of the Fibonacci sequence (a series of numbers with many uses).

What exactly is the Fibonacci sequence?

Fibonacci sequence?

Indian Mathematics has contributed a lot to this world, and the Fibonacci sequence was also first introduced by them. However, it was not known as it was back then. It got enormous exposure, especially in the west, when it first appeared in the book Liber Abaci published by Leonardo Pisano in the early 13th century.

Using Fibonacci Betting System

When placing even money bets in the casino, roulette players commonly use this system outside chances like black, red, even, or odd. Pass wagers and don’t pass stakes use this method by craps players. Even in sports betting, this will be used while playing baccarat, money wagers, and blackjack.2
Fibonacci sequence is utilised by this system but ignores zero in the initial stage. Either you need to memorise it correctly or have it written somewhere.

While staking, there are three rules to follow:

Fibonacci Betting System

Rule 1-Start with One Betting Unit

The first bet should always be a single betting unit in each cycle because, when ignoring zero, the first number will be 1 in the Fibonacci sequence. Even you decide your first stake will be $5 per unit, your first bet should be $5.

Rule 2-Start with One unit

If you are trailing your wager, moving to the following number in the sequence would be a better choice for calculating the required stake. So, always remember to move to the second number after losing your first stake. This is how many betting units that you risk will be for your second wager. Moving on to the next one when you lose that one in the sequence is what you should do. Do this can be said as risking two units. If you are assuming $5 per unit, $10 will be the required stake now.
You can use this, or this can be applied after every loss.

After a win, move down.

Rule 3-After a win, move down.

When you win, you can move down two numbers in a sequence to lessen your stake. Imagine you win after staking 13 units, like risking just five units on the next bet and winning after 55 units on the next stake, and you would be betting 21 units.

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