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Teboho Ntsalong, AKA Mystique, is a prolific 25-year-old rapper form Sebokeng Zone 7 in the Vaal triangle, south of Gauteng. She’s a B-Tech Marketing graduate from the Vaal University of Technology is looking to make waves in a male dominated hip hop section of the music industry. She also completed a TV Presenting course with Media Concepts in 2016.

When and how did you discover your talent?

I was looking for a job and no company was calling, let alone send an email to invite me for an interview. I then decided to try something that is way out of my comfort zone, which was to write lyrics and see how it goes.

I quickly realized my talent and ability when I was in studio wherein I listened to a beat, wrote lyrics and recorded same day, under the motivation of my producer. I did that and the feedback I received from well-known artists was overwhelming, that’s when I knew I had it in me.

Why the moniker Mystique?

Simply because I possess an air of mystery about me. When people look at me. They see this petite innocent girl who probably has the makings of an RnB singer, but when I start spitting bars, they are all left shocked.

Where have you performed?

I have performed countless times at hindsight pub around my hood. I have also performed at Matlombe lounge in Johannesburg and at VUT. I have an upcoming performance at hindsight pub on 20 August 2017.

What is your most memorable performance?

My most memorable performance was when I was performing at hindsight pub and the whole crowd got off their chairs and moved close to the stage to jam to my track. I was speechless but grateful.

What do you make of female artists in the rap game?

I feel like the game is still male dominated, females still haven’t received the necessary exposure. South Africa needs more female rappers.

What topics do you explore in your music?

My topics vary, others have a bedroom element. In most cases I rap about haters. Empty vessels always make the most noise so I just let my music do the talking.